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    New Toys!

    Yesterday, I had an appointment at my diabetes clinic. In addition to all the normal aspects of a clinic visit, such as getting my A1c, I was expecting to sort out some unresolved details regarding my pump and CGM funding. Chief among these was that I'm still using a loaned pump and need a replacement Real Time pump for the sensor funding to be of continued use in future. What I wasn't expecting was Christmas to come early.

    I left the hospital weighed down by boxes including:

    Paradigm Real Time
    A brand new Paradigm Real Time System.
    I've switched back to a clear 722. The main reason for using a 722 rather than a 522 is because I'm lazy, and I hate filling reservoirs!

    To be honest, I was a little taken aback at the ease with which they opened up the cupboard and dished out a new pump from their plentiful stock. Giving away glucose meters is standard practice in the UK, because the manufacturers make their money on the strips. But giving away insulin pumps when the funding for them is still pending? This was a new one on me, and just seemed far too easy. If anything it made me feel even more frustrated about how much of a struggle it was to get considered for funding for CGM in the first place.

    I was expecting the next one:

    MiniLink CGM transmitter
    Inside the box

    And then I got one of these:

    Contour Link

    A Bayer Contour Link blood glucose meter

    This is the first blood glucose meter that communicates with the Paradigm pump to be available in the UK. The technogeek in me loves the idea, but my initial impressions actually aren't all that favourable. A proper review will come when I've had more chance to fairly evaluate it, though.

    And theeeen.....

    Nothing to do wth diabetes: My new TV!

    Well, no 'and then' really. This one has absolutely nothing to do with diabetes, and I didn't pick it up myself yesterday as that would have been pretty tough to do. I've been desperate to replace my old 18 inch CRT television, that shrinks movies on DVD to the size of a postage stamp in the centre of the screen, and cuts the sides of broadcast programmes because it can't cope with widescreen, for a long time.

    So the last one is my present to myself.

    Have a great weekend!

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    Very nifty - Keep us posted!

    Hi Caro,
    Looks like you're using the same gear that I recently got here in the US...
    ...although you've been doing the CGM for longer. A question: have you had any problems with the sensor site itching? I've read that I can actually use a sensor for twice the default "3 days" but the itching will often be the thing that causes me to change it sooner.

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